There’s Moooooore To Us Than Meets The Eye

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We hope it won’t come as a surprise to hear we use only the best 100% pure virgin cold-pressed Camelina oil in our products. We press the seeds once and only once, which ensures we harvest the very best quality oil for your skin and this is what gives it its “virgin’ status.

What you might be surprised to hear is that in doing this, we’ve inadvertently branched out into the bovine health market, bringing happiness to the local herds.

You see, when we press the Camelina seeds and our oil has drained, we’re left with what can only be described as giant Camelina seed cakes. Keen and conscious to reduce our waste, we spoke to local farmers who said they could use them as feed for their cattle.

We agreed, and now every time we press our seeds the farmers swing by and load the cakes onto their trailers and head off to their farms. The cows can smell the cakes from miles away and they get so excited when they see the tractor pulling up the lane, it drives them wild.

In fact, they love them so much that we now affectionately refer to the cakes as “crack for cows” – a little unorthodox, perhaps, but we hope you can see the humorous side.

So the next time you enjoy an indulgent pamper session with a bottle of our Body Moisturizer brimming with skin-loving Camelina goodness, you’ll know you’ve made some moo cows very, very happy.

Stay tuned to our news page for more animal antics with a side helping of green beauty, of course ;).

Lots of love, Your skin saviors x