Putting Beauty Back Into Bacteria

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The sense of pride you feel when you follow an idea from conception to completion is unlike any other, and it’s something we’re thrilled to be immersed in right now as we watch Skinisms flourish.

With its stunning imagery, and fresh approach to skin science, the way the book has brought skin bacteria to the attention of all different ages, we think has been quite a triumph.

Our motto? Shunning old-school scientific jargon for witty, straightforward talking, Skinisms is here to make you and your skin look and feel it’s healthiest.

Our focus? To guide readers on a journey towards truly healthy skin from the outside in. The book is packed with an array of simple skin-boosting recipes that you can introduce into your daily menu, plus plenty of scientific know-how – it’s your one-stop skin health shop.

We are truly honoured that it’s already featured on Today in Nashville and has captured the attention of many Naturopathic Doctors including Dr. Wendy Warner, hand-picked by Dr. Mehmet Oz for her pioneering work in the practice of functional medicine—an emerging field of medicine that moves beyond treating symptoms to finding and alleviating the underlying causes of disease.

Seeing it in front of your eyes in all its colourful glory is a wondrous sight and we truly hope it can bring answers and interest to all who read it – whether you’ve been struggling with skin woes or just want to illuminate and pamper what you already have.

We set out with an aim to make a sexy, sassy, science book worthy of adorning the coffee tables of a nation and we hope we’ve managed to achieve this. 

Order your copy today today and let us know what you think 

Lots of love,  Your skin saviors x