You could say Karen has always been a designer. She began her career studying Innovation Design Engineering and Contemporary Design at the same design school as iconic British fashion designer, Dame Zandra Rhodes. Later in life, she was honored with membership to two prestigious organizations: Society of Cosmetic Scientists and The Institute of Functional Medicine. Since then, she has become a recognized expert in the area of ‘functional beauty’ (as it’s known to industry insiders). Functional beauty involves a new perspective, which promotes boosting the good and suppressing the bad – bacteria that is – in order to treat different skin conditions.

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She frequently speaks at Functional Medicine and Sustainability Conferences. Much to her delight, she presented her paper on the skin microbiome at the 22nd Annual World Congress on Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Aesthetic Medicine 2015, the world’s largest and most prolifically acclaimed conference on anti-aging. Other engagements include representing the UK Soil Association as their goodwill ambassador in the United States and as a beauty writer for both beauty magazines and dermatology publications.

Over the years, Karen has worked passionately to innovate cutting-edge formulas and patent-pending ingredients. Her technology is now found in many well-known health and beauty products. She is guided by the vision of “innovation that delivers wellbeing”, and strives to be a company of leading brands and new technologies.