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We’ve been hitting the road – and your TV screens – because y’all deserve beautiful skin. After nurturing our passion for science-based-beauty for more than 20 years, we just can’t keep our knowledge and know-how to ourselves any longer.

For those of you who missed it, our wonderful co-founder, self-proclaimed bacteria lover and green chemist extraordinaire, Karen, appeared on Today in Nashville February 4. Speaking to excitable hosts Kelly Sutton and Carole Sullivan, it’s fair to say she’s bringing sexy back to bacteria and injecting sass into skincare. Aw snap, you missed it? No worries, here’s the link

Once shunned as something “icky”, finally we’re becoming more aware of the good bacteria that lives all over our bodies, inside and out, as something to be celebrated, loved and cherished.

During her appearance on the show, Karen and her glowing complexion spoke about the wonders of our skin microbiome and shared a natural, beautifully simple skincare recipe that you can make at home.

Think Greek yogurt, honey, a sprinkling of live probiotics and a drop of essential oil – you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to satisfy your skin, because we’ve got plenty more home-grown recipes for you to try.

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Lots of love, Your skin saviors x