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Roses… they’re beautiful to look at, they smell divine and they work wonders for your skin!

Their antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties bring clarity to your complexion, while high levels of vitamins C and E nourish, smooth and stimulate collagen production.

With so many skin-loving benefits, it’ll come as no surprise to hear we pack plenty of rose extract and oil goodness into our products. And, naturally, we grow and harvest many of our roses from our very own farms in England.

Keen to continue the wildlife theme, it’s not just the local cattle we’ve been thinking of when crafting our lotions and tinctures (if you have no idea what we’re talking about, check out last week’s “crack for cows” blog post for more details).

Our rose fields are home to the insanely cute, fluffy dormouse – they love to frolic, scurry and weave their way in and out of the stems to find food. The beautiful bloom of the rose petals provides the perfect shelter from prying eyes of birds of prey above and makes this the ideal network for our furry friends.

However, there is one risk factor that the beautiful rose holds for these cutest of creatures – thorns. The spikey protrusions lining the stems can be tricky for the humble dormouse to navigate and can cause potential injury should they catch themselves.

As a team of animal lovers following biodiversity farming methods, we work tirelessly to ensure no animals or wildlife are impacted by what we grow. So, we painstakingly comb our rose fields, picking the bottom few inches of thorns from each and every one of these stems.

Then, rather than casting these prickly nubbins back into the fields, we collect them in buckets and take them to a “shredder” or “mulcher” to be de-weaponized so no other bugs or beings are hurt when we pop them onto the compost heap.

It’s a long and time-consuming task, which comes with a fair few pricked fingers and thumbs, but it’s incredibly rewarding. Every time we remove a set of thorns we feel a sense of relief as we have potentially saved the life of another little dormouse and its family.

Just another day in our wonderfully natural world.

Lots of love, Your skin saviors x