Since we began in 2000, our passion for plant power has never waivered. We’ve proudly championed the importance of green chemistry for almost two decades and our research and development of natural, naked formulas using raw, unprocessed and biome-friendly ingredients has seen us pick up a fair few awards for our trophy cabinet, too. Not forgetting a number of cheeky mentions in the likes The New York Times. We’re also honored to represent the UK Soil Association as a goodwill ambassador.

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We might pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of skincare innovation, but our processes are built on traditional foundations.


There aren’t too many things that have stood the test of time… the beloved Nokia 3210 (RIP, my friend), the humble iPod, or UGG Boots (what were we thinking?), but herbalism has been around for centuries and it’s showing no signs of fading.


Our ancestors were experimenting with flowers and herbs since the early days when Adam and Eve were big news. Relying on their intuition, the first humans on our great earth would forage, feast and bathe in the goodness nature gave, recording their findings, discovering the benefits of different plants and teaching their methods to future generations.


Today’s herbalists have refined, honed and continued these traditional methods, which are now woven into the very fabric of what we do. These ancient practices allowed our ancestors to thrive, and with so many powerful benefits it’s no surprise that herbalism lives on today. Shamans throughout different indigenous cultures around the world still heal their people using native herbs. Alchemical herbal preparations are still being practiced, used, and taught through the form of spagyrics, a modern application of old alchemical working methods.


Schools teaching the ancient practices of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine are now located the world over, with their benefits used in everything form medicines to beauty and wellness products.


Plants, flowers and herbs hold so many healing benefits and while western medicine is certainly a marvel not to be shunned, it’s vital we also understand the power and benefit of nature. And combining the two can create something quite extraordinary.


So, if you didn’t know before visiting this page, we support and practice herbalism. We believe that by studying and walking the path of herbalists who have gone before us, we are actively preserving the roots of an ancient tradition and paving the way for the herbalists of tomorrow.



One of our key areas of expertise is your skin microbiome (the collection of bacteria on and in your skin). We know it doesn’t sound sexy, but somebody’s gotta look into these things, so we’ve taken one for the team. We don’t like to brag, but we’ve kind of led the way in the pursuit of a healthy skin microbiome. While lots of clever people were busy discovering the role of prebiotics in your gut, we were looking at how they can impact your skin. It turns out there are a plethora of benefits to topical prebiotic application, which has unlocked a whole new world of skincare and provided effective, natural solutions for some of the world’s most irritating and confidence-crushing skin conditions.


We might not be as big as some of the other boys on our block, but my gosh we can make just as much noise and we pride ourselves on walking the walk – we don’t just talk a good game, we live up to the hype. Because we engineer, manufacture and own the exclusive right to all our formulas, we can offer unparalleled value to our customers and business partners. That means less cost, increased reliability and shorter lead times.


We have been able to successfully fill a gap in the beauty and wellness market and reach those of you who want naturally effective and affordable products with an ethical conscience and we hope to bring you so much more.